13 décembre 2014

Meeting Prosci in Colorado: What a week! (december 9-12, 2014)

Jeff was my administrator manager at Mayo Clinic. He introduced me to the ADKAR model and advised me to get closer to PROSCI, as I mentioned to him how eager I was to specialize in Change Management practice.

As I came back from the PROSCI certification week in Colorado, I wrote him this note :

Dear Jeff,

In our last discussion last october (2014) you mentioned how relevant it could be for me to go and meet Prosci in person and to get started with their training and certification.

Here is my feedback: I just returned from a $5000 week in Colorado and never had I made wiser an investment. The training was awesome, instructor (Neal), training manager (Rashelle), participants (13 of them including me), the training experience, the resort in Colorado Springs , everything exceeded my expectations and I feel proud of my hard work earned certification as a Prosci Change Management Practitioner.

Then I met Prosci's account manager Jeremy and their Global Affiliate Network representative Mike on the day of my departure. I do confirm how important it is to meet people in person. We have shared information and thoughts about both Prosci (business development, ADKAR influence across geographies, Europe, Asia) and myself (workbook, authorship license, career shift to change management, contacts in French-speaking Europe).

To make short a long story, I'd say: the greatest learning experience I've ever had, the greatest excitement I've ever felt about how to be useful to my community.

Thank you so much, Jeff.

Best regards,


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